Selecto Flash Designer

Selecto Flash Designer

Flash animation creator with many effect templates


  • Animation templates
  • Instant preview


  • Poor interface
  • Very basic drawing tools

Not good

The idea behind this software is to make Flash animation easier. It tries to achieve this through the use of a more basic interface but fails quite comprehensively.

Instead of simplifying the animation process, this program gives you the most basic drawing tools and takes away your control over the animation process.

I have used Macromedia Flash MX extensively and on opening Selecto Flash Designer, the first thing that strikes you is the omission of any timeline.

Immediately your control has been compromised, so it has obviously been designed for anyone who wants a quick fix flash animation without having to get their hands dirty.

Even if this is the case, the tools for drawing are far too limited and it doesn't even include a pen tool for freehand lines!

It does save some face in the fact that it contains a large library of animation templates that can be easily applied to the user's images or shapes drawn within the program.

Controlling exactly how the on-screen objects behave is a challenge but for creating extremely simple slides and zooms, this program will suffice.

You can also insert buttons and change their properties quickly and easily.

One handy feature is the instant preview of your animation, using a simple play button, a pop-up window will show you the result of your work.

However, this does not make up for the clunky interface and the lack of control that the user has. If you are interested in creating unique professional looking Flash movies, use Macromedia Flash, but if you want to create a quick and easy animation, there are a variety of more effective and user-friendly tools such as KoolMoves or Insane Flash Animator.

Create Flash animations for your Web site, using more than 130 animation effects like Fade, Zoom, or Rotate. Animate images, shapes or texts, and add sound to your Flash movie.

Define buttons and OnClick or OnOver actions. Export animations in SWF format and generate HTML code necessary to integrate Flash movie with your Web page.

Selecto Flash Designer


Selecto Flash Designer

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